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Goals for 2019 to 2022


Goal 1: Provide six teachers with a yearlong immersion experience in Montessori training in order to build up a strong Montessori staff at St. Benedict the African in Nsukka.

We see this as a multiyear effort. In the first school year, 2019-2020, the teachers will work together with Fr. Uchenna Matthew Okwor in the model school. This yearlong experience will include studying Montessori theory, observation and support in a classroom. Teachers will learn to develop Montessori materials and albums. Ongoing professional development will be led by Fr. Matthew and potentially supported by colleagues at University of Nigeria Nsukka lecturers.

In the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school years, teachers will continue training while opening additional classrooms within St. Benedict the African (the Model School).

Budget: $6,000 for each of the next three years to cover half of the cost of this intensive learning experience and program development. The Diocese of Nsukka will raise the other half of this cost. [Three-year projected cost =$18,000]

Goal 2: Provide six Model school teachers and 20 pilot schoolteachers with continued professional development. For each of the next three years, Model school and pilot school teachers will engage in a five-day workshop taught by qualified Montessori instructors (likely from Chicago).

Budget: $2,000 for each of the next three years to cover the cost of airfare for one qualified instructor to spend 5-10 days supporting professional development training via at least a five-day workshop and observations of classroom teaching. The qualified instructor will waive a fee/payment and the Diocese of Nsukka will provide room and board for this stay. [Three-year projected cost = $6,000]

Goal 3: Construct or purchase appropriate Montessori classroom furniture (classroom chairs, tables, and shelves). This seed money will help us to teach craftsmen to make classroom furniture to Montessori specifications with the goal of supporting entrepreneurial work within the Nsukka community, possibly with Fr. Cornelius’ Entrepreneurial school, to specialize in this needed classroom material.

Budget: $12,600 per classroom for one classroom with appropriate Montessori desks, tables, chairs, shelving. Montessori furniture is size-appropriate for students. [One new classroom furnished per year. Grand total of $37,800.]

Goal 4: Develop Montessori materials to be utilized in their classrooms. To do this, teachers will need access to materials such as a laminator and laminating supplies. This also includes the cost of a reliable copy machine and ink/toner and paper and the cost of a computer to keep track of admissions and the record keeping of the school. Nsukka Diocese will employ a secretary.


Budget: $10,000 for Montessori materials as we rely on Nsukka teachers to develop the materials they need in keeping with Montessori philosophy.

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